Why we Chose Shopify?

In the latest of our video posts, Jim discusses why we chose Shopify based on our own experience. We think Shopify is the Bees Knees and it gives power back to business owners and enables them to run their online shop from anywhere. 

Whatever your technical knowledge, you can get a Shop up and running quickly and easily without any coding knowledge. That doesn;t mean it is going to make you a fortune, as with everything in life, there is no easy ride. That is where an agency like ours comes in. Over the last 4 years we have gained a lot of Shopify experience running and building shops ourselves and for our clients. 


Our journey with Shopify began in 2018, when we were asked to build a pet shop for a former colleague. We built the website using Shopify and then the client asked us to run it for him. We obliged and used it as a chance to build our Shopify skills. We also started to make some money selling dog beds. 

After a few months we thought we would give WordPress a go, and migrated over to the blogging platform. A couple of months of diving sales and we decided to go back to Shopify. 

It gave us a good look at WordPress and means we know a thing or two about that platform, but for us, Shopify has remained the key to our success. We now have a six-figure business that almost runs itself.  We have tried and tested just about every app there is and found the ones that do the work for you. 

Not only that but we have experimented with drop shipping, doing our own fulfillment and more. If you want to find out more about Shopify why not give us a call. 

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