Why Email Marketing Works

There is never enough time to do everything when you run your own business, but what if you could set something up that markets for you while you sleep?

We have always known Email is powerful, but did you know it can generate an ROI of 36 times your investment? 

This is why in our latest blog we discuss briefly the benefits of email marketing and all the things it can do for your business. It is not just for newsletters either. There are so many other uses for it like keeping in touch with shoppers, abandoned baskets, product updates etc. 

The list is endless and you can set it up for free and then let it run for as long as it works. As with all marketing, we would suggest you keep an eye on it of course and check weekly or monthly to see if there is anything you can optimise. 

Email Marketing Platforms

There are some excellent tools out there to help with your email marketing goals. Platforms like Klaviyo work really well with Shopify. Old school beasts like Mailchimp or even something completely free that comes with your Shopify store Shopify Mail.

You should be thinking about abandoned baskets as a way of generating an extra 10% of sales.  Set up correctly and your visitor will get a sequence of emails nudging them back to your store. Don’t just rely on the automatically set up version either. Add in bespoke pictures and funny messaging to attract attention. 

Communication is key

Looking after your customers and prospects will enable you to grow your business rapidly if done right. It does not mean picking up the phone to them every day. If you can stay in the peripheral vision until the time is right then you will win in the long run. 

Be polite and humorous, don’t pester them. Use social media to show you are still around and can help when needed but also grow a database of interested people who want to hear from you. 

It need not be all about discounts, use stories from within your business to show you care. What have staff achieved lately, are there new products coming online, think outside the box. 

How can we help?

Watch the video and see if it resonates with you. Do you want help setting up your email marketing or just some pointers? We can do either. We have a lot of experience with this and can save you time and money. 

Get in touch to find out more. 

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