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If you are serious about your website and it's performance you should be familiar with Google's Search Console. If not, then I suggest you do a bit of research or talk to me. Combined with Google Analytics, Search Console gives you a lot of power with which to understand what is and isn't working. In the world of eCommerce where website performance really is the difference between success and failure then you should know that Google has released a new Insights panel to make it easier to understand your website performance. 

Introducing Search Console Insights.

If you want to know what keywords your website is being found for, how the AMP pages are performing or who links to your website then the information is on Search Console. Before this week you could spend a fair amount of time hunting around and combining information yourself to get the news you needed. Now it has all been combined into one useful resource.

How to find Search Console Insights?Search Console Insights

Go as you normally would to your search console and click the Overview button. At the top of the page you will see a nice shiny new yellow banner with the words "site analytics for content creators". Click the button and behold a whole new set of data for you to get elbows deep in. 

How they found you

What sort of reports are in here?

This new dashboard is a beautiful thing and if you are a marketing manager who has to report back to the board this could be gold dust to you. You no longer need to compile information from a variety of sources. You could just paste this stuff into your monthly powerpoint and voila make another cuppa! 

The Google Search Report gives you the top 50 keywords that your site is being found for, what position in search they occupy and how many clicks have occured. It also tells you the average page views and time spent on page for the last 28 days. 

Most Popular Content

Notoriously bad for user experience, Googles Search Console was always a challenge when trying to find out this info. If anyone but Google had created it, it would have been ranked off the first thousand pages on a Google Search. This new report however combines all the relevant info into one easy to see place. Telling you which pages and products are the most popular and how much engagement they gained from visitors. 

If you need help with your Search Console usage, then why not book a session with Jim. He can show you how to identify your keywords and where you really rank. When you need more in depth analysis there are all sorts of tools available but we can make you a master of Analytics and Search Console in one session.